Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10

I have no great titles for my posts and my brain cells are too tired today, so i will probably just name each post on this blog for the day I write so creative.

So i did an EMG (muscle testing) on a patient today and he was so cachectic. He is a liver transplant patient whose liver failed due to cirrhosis from alcohol and liver cancer. Anyhow he was telling me how he has had such a horrible time in the hospital. I was telling him that he probably had nerve damage from being positioned a certain way during his surgery, but he felt that maybe it happened after surgery because the nurses were tossing him on the bed and turning him like he was a sack of beans without a care for where he lands or if his limbs were hitting the corners of the bed. I tried to listen and sympathize, hoping that he was exaggerating a little. But then he went on to say, how at the nursing home, he pushed the call button to call the staff so he could be helped to the bathroom and the person did not come into his room until 40 minutes later and then they told him to just go on himself that they would clean it up. The man choked up as he was telling me this, because he felt that his dignity was being stripped and being already fragile he lost control and "went" on himself and when he pushed the button again they left him lying in his "shit (his words not mine)" for another half hour.  Things like that just make me so sad that some people are in healthcare who don't give crap about anyone...

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